Verizon DSL Modem Reset Actiontek

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I had a customer who lost their DSL connection and knowing Verizon's usual troubleshooting techniques, I went through them myself before I called. Unfortunenately, the problem was that the customer had not paid for their service.  The phone line worked for incoming calls just fine so that wasn't an indicator.  The DSL line was the fax line.  I did notice that when I connected to the DSL modem admin page, the public IP address was  Now that the service is running again, the IP address is, so apparently, Verizon blocks the service by assigning a non-routed IP address.

The troubleshooting steps I took were: restart the modem, reboot the PC, connect the modem directly to the PC and restart the modem again.  The last resort step is to reset the modem.  There is a reset button on the back of the modem.  After holding this button down for 10 seconds, the power light changed from green to orange.  I held it down for 30 seconds and then released the button.  Shortly after releasing the button the modem shutdown and then the power light turned red and started back up.  All the lights eventually turned green again.

The sequence is:

power green flashing

DSL green flashing, power green flashing

DSL green rapid flashing, power green flashing

DSL green solid, power green flashing, ethernet green (flashing intermittently)

DSL green solid, power green flashing, internet green, ethernet green

All 4 lights green.  When the power light quits flashing and stays green the internet traffic actually starts flowing.

When this didn't get us back on the internet, that's when I called Verizon.  We paid for the service, but the internet service did not come back on as expected. Gotomypc worked. AOL worked. And name services worked.  From this, ports 53, 8200 and whatever port AOL was using were not being blocked.  It appeared only the normal internet ports were blocked such as 80, 443, 25, 21. However, the AOL client could connect to their service and could browse the internet. Once AOL was running, we could browse the Internet using the regular IE browser as well. When AOL was disconnected, we couldn't browse again. Apparently, the AOL client acts as a proxy server routing internet traffic through a different port.

I called Verizon about these unusual anomalies which they couldn't explain.  Everything appeared to be working fine on their end. After poking around the modem  administration page, I finally suggested that we just reset the modem and start from scratch.

The part I missed was directing the modem to  At first the technician suggested redirect.htm, but that producted a 404 error page, then she said to drop the htm and it worked.  It came up with a username and password screen which is the same as the default for the Actiontek modem, admin and password.  The next screen only had one button on it. This was called the Verizon security screen.  The button showed the word OFF.  I was told to click it.  It changed to the word ON.  

After restarting the router, we were able to ping.  Apparently there is a port block on the Verizon security page which blocks the normal internet traffic ports.  After that was completed, I put the modem back in the network and all the machines worked fine.


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