Peachtree 2009 SR5 Update

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Well Sage software did it again.  They released a tax update to download automatically into Peachtree 2009 Complete accounting (also Quantum 2009) but didn't download the required SR update to go along with the Tax update.  When I went to the menu option, Services/Check for updates, I got nothing.

So we are forced to go to a link that only shows up in the Tax update completion screen and if you don't get it there, you'll have to hunt for it.

Here's the link:

You just need to select the Peachtree software you are using to install SR5.  

If your company data is on a network drive, you will be directed to update the server first.  Once that's done, when you come back to the workstation, you'll find that SR4 is still installed on the workstation.  Running the update manually which worked on the server, will not work on the workstation.  You get a message indicating that your company data is on a shared drive and that you need to upgrade the server first.

I seem to remember this happened before and there is some way to "trick" Peachtree into installing the SR on the workstations.  I'll have to call Peachtree and leave this info here when I have it.   Monday...

This page had a lot of good info, but found that a file what was missing in our server's peachtree directory.  The file name: SRVerInfo.ini.  

The contents:


Note: I did not have to change anything in the registry.  We just changed verinfo.ini and srverinfo.ini

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