dccifd and copfilter error

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I have been a big fan of copfilter addon to IPCOP for some time. I'm currently using copfilter Version: 2.0.91beta4. in IPCOP v2.0.6. I've been told not to upgrade to the newest version of IPCOP as it will not work with copfilter. So I wait.

One of the recent issues has been a constant warning:

 warn: dcc: dccifd -> check skipped: dcc: failed to connect to a socket /var/log/copfilter/default/opt/dcc/dccifd: Connection refused

I could not find anything to iron out this issue under copfilter, so I went directly to dcc commentary since the implementation in copfilter connects dcc with spamassassin. The files structure for that locations is not a file or a directory and is zero bytes. The permissions on the file are srw-rw-rw owned by copfilter. That part is fine. After searching around from that directories location, I found a test program in the bin directory called dccif-test which also said that the socket was not open connection refused. I finally found what I was looking for on this site which took some careful reading. "That socket is created by starting dccifd as a daemon." Though, it doesn't state how to do that, I decided to look for the executable file by that name, which I found under the directory libexec. Executing the file without parameters (I thought a parameter would be needed to run it as a daemon, but apparently not). I checked the process stack, ps aux | grep dcc and found dccifd running. After that the test on the socket worked fine. 

I was able to run start spamd with the socket running. I don't know why dccifd stopped running. It had been out for weeks. I was seeing unwanted spam where there should be, but now I know to check if dccifd is running at all and if not to start it. This resolved the dcc checks for me.

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